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Enroll Your Organization
  • There is no cost to participate in the We Care program. To enroll, simply complete the enrollment form and drop it off at any Lynn’s Dakotamart or Lynn’s SUPERFOODS customer service counter.
  • By enrolling, you are indicating an account coordinator for your organization. When your register tapes are received, they will be verified and checks will be issued. All correspondence will be through the organization coordinator that has been listed on the enrollment form.
  • Completed tax forms must also be submitted with your enrollment form.
Announce the Program
  • Copy the announcement letter and place it on your organization’s letterhead.
  • Distribute the announcement letter to all organization participants or other groups/individuals who can help you achieve your goals.
  • Remind your organization about the program on a regular basis- use newsletters, announcements, websites, Facebook, etc.
  • Set up a deposit box in a prominent place to collect register tapes.
Set Goals for your Organization
  • Establish goals and communicate it to your entire organization.
  • Keep postings in visible areas so that the program is “top of mind” with your organization.
  • Update award amounts and progress toward your goal.
Register Tape Redemption
  • Check all collected tapes to make sure that they are Lynn’s Dakotamart or Lynn’s Superfoods register tapes and highlight the receipt total.
  • Purchases that do not qualify are: Postage, Hunting/Fishing licenses, Trail Passes, Money Orders, Purchasing of Gift Cards (purchases made with the Gift Cards are ok).
  • Bundle tapes in batches of approximately $10,000 and include a slip with the exact total. Please use rubber bands on your bundles and do not roll up tapes. Keeping them flat will help expedite the redemption process.
  • Attach a completed redemption form.
  • Submissions should be in total increments of $10,000. If your totals are in excess of this amount but not enough to reach the next $10,000 increment, hold on to the excess until your next submission. Checks will only be issued for increments of $10,000.
  • Your reward checks will be issued approximately 30 days after your submissions have been verified.

Download Redemption Form

*See your local store manager for more details*

We Care